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Peterson Manufacturing Upgrades ERP with Infor PowerFlex10

Infor10 ERP iEnterprise Provides Latest Technology for Future Growth on IBM Hardware

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Peterson Manufacturing, a producer of vehicle safety components, will upgrade from Infor ERP BPCS to Infor10 ERP iEnterprise (LX) through Infor’s PowerFlex10 upgrade program. Wanting to remain on the System-i platform and experience a smooth transition, Peterson Manufacturing made the decision to employ the PowerFlex10 initiative because it offers customers Infor’s latest Power Enabling solution enhancements for System-i coupled with IBM’s Power System technology. Peterson Manufacturing plans to go-live with Infor10 ERP iEnterprise (LX) later this calendar year.

Through PowerFlex10, Infor and IBM have joined forces to offer an integrated and optimized combination of hardware, software and services. With this option, customers can keep manufacturing processes virtually intact by upgrading to the latest technology, enabling them to take advantage of Infor10 ION technology and Infor10 ION Workspace as well as the frequent enhancements and upgrades resulting from Infor’s heavy investment in R&D.

News Points
• Peterson Manufacturing will upgrade its Infor ERP BPCS system to Infor10 ERP iEnterprise through the PowerFlex10 program, saving both time and money because the transition is [typically] less costly and time-consuming than a traditional upgrade and requires minimal interruption to Peterson’s manufacturing operations.
• Infor10 ERP iEnterprise is expected to facilitate Peterson Manufacturing’s future growth, while helping the company meet its goal of maintaining current IT headcount. After recently adding a second shift to its production facility, Peterson the new system is designed to help Peterson handle increased system requirements without the need for the additional IT staff that these increased system demands would typically require.
• Infor10 ION Workspace provides a consumer-grade user experience with a modern, sleek look-and-feel for Infor10 ERP iEnterprise, promoting easier completion of day-to-day tasks for users with uniform information that is more readily accessible within the system.
• Peterson Manufacturing will benefit from the frequent innovations delivered by Infor, and will also rely on Infor Xtreme Support for superior technical and industry expertise.
• Peterson Manufacturing plans to use Infor10 ERP iEnterprise at each of its 11 subsidiary companies to enable connectivity and consistency across the complete enterprise.

Peterson Manufacturing Quote
“We wanted to provide our users with more modern technology and advanced capabilities, as well as better position ourselves for future growth,” said Rick Stephens, Corporate Director of IT, Peterson Manufacturing. “The PowerFlex10 option will enable us to upgrade our technology, both hardware and software, with minimal interruption to our manufacturing processes and at a lowered cost, helping us to simultaneously save money while implementing an exceptional Infor ERP system.”

Infor Quote
“With Infor10 ERP iEnterprise, companies have the flexibility to expand as their company grows, without the need to support the system with additional staff,” said Mark Humphlett, director of ERP Marketing, Infor. “Infor provides exceptional support and out-of-the-box capabilities for manufacturers, reducing the need for extensive customization due to Infor’s deep industry-specific capabilities within Infor10 ERP iEnterprise.”

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