IsoCool Ltd

IsoCool announces record sales for second year running

Testament to the strength of the UK manufacturing industry, IsoCool has announced record sales figures for the second year in a row. Between January and March this year, the process cooling specialist stacked up sales more than double that of the same period in 2011 – making the first quarter of 2012 a best ever for IsoCool.
This significant milestone in the company’s 10 year history is hot on the heels of last year’s record-breaking victories, when IsoCool celebrated international success with their sales of Eurochiller products. Eurochiller are one of the world’s leading process cooling manufacturers, with distributors and agents across the globe. Within just one year of becoming the sole UK distributor for the brand, IsoCool had smashed all previous UK sales figures for the company, and took the title of Eurochiller’s second highest ranking partner in the world.
Nigel Hallett, Managing Director of IsoCool, is delighted with the company’s continuing success, which he attributes to IsoCool’s objective approach to meeting customer needs:
“In this difficult economic climate, companies need to offer much more than just great performing systems and good customer service – for manufacturers, energy, cost and environmental concerns are just as important. We look at our clients’ short and long term business objectives, and provide solutions which meet all of these needs,” he explained.
He continued: “For example, we repair, refurbish and upgrade existing systems wherever possible, before replacing with new equipment. This minimises the initial investment required and can help our clients to meet their environmental targets. Plus, as our solutions often achieve energy savings of up to 80%, the payback periods are usually short. Taking a thorough approach like this wins the confidence of our clients and results in a lot of recommendations – it’s win-win for everyone”.
IsoCool plan to continue their success in 2012 with the release of several new ground-breaking products and the expansion of their maintenance division. Having recently secured a major contract in Saudi Arabia, the company are also set to make a big impact in the Middle East region throughout the coming years.