Loadhog, the UK’s transit packaging innovator, has secured its first deal in South America after creating a bespoke solution to meet the needs of one of the country’s largest chains of pharmacies which wanted to improve the efficiency of its goods transport.

Venezuela-based, Farmatodo showed an initial interest in the South Yorkshire-based company’s successful Pally and Lid system. It was realised, however, that the system’s regular-sized lid, with its unique integrated and retractable straps, was not the size to hold the slightly larger than standard boxes used by Farmatodo to convey a wide range of products to its 136 stores nationwide. Loadhog was not fazed and set about developing a special lid with the necessary dimension.

After a series of trials, thousands of the specially adapted Pally and Lid system have now been implemented, enabling Fermatodo’s plastic boxes to be loaded in the distribution centre; quickly, easily and securely clamped to the Pally using the lids’ straps; then unloaded in stores in 36 towns. Mobility in all transit areas is also increased, pallets and stretch wrap eliminated, with both lids and Pallys stacked separately for storage.

José Zubillaga, logistics project manager at Farmatodo, said: “The Pally and Lid system not only helps to save time in the loading and unloading of the trucks, but also reduces product damage and serves as a secure and efficient tool for transporting products.”

The system’s Pally, which did not need adapting for Farmatodo, is a patented combination of a pallet and wheeled dolly. A foot press on a pedal at either end, transfers a load up to 500kg from pallet bearers to wheels or vice versa, making the Pally stable immediately or mobile on demand. It is the ideal platform to move goods promptly and effectively, using neither forklifts nor pump trucks.

Loadhog sales manager, Damien Montagne said: “The milestone deal with Farmatodo is the result of a great working relationship between our companies. The design, tooling and manufacture of the bespoke lid to work on our existing system took less than three months and is testament to the tremendous effort of our design team.”

For more information about Loadhog please visit www.loadhoglids.com