M Buttkereit Ltd


The latest products in the icotek cable management equipment range is the new Confix FWS bulkhead fittings which are now available from M Buttkereit Ltd. These products facilitate a 90º entry of cabling enclosed in protective conduit sheaths for attachment to machines, control panels and wiring cabinets etc. A simplified method of attachment and positive closure ensures time saving during cabling operations. All the fittings incorporate a captive hinged cover and are designed to accommodate threaded conduits in six metric sizes of M16, M20, M25, M32, M40 and M50, together with parallel grooved conduits in sizes NW13, 17, 23, 29, 37 and 50.

Installation of the Confix FWS is simple, with the fitting being located over the recommended size of drilling template and screwed into position on to the entry bulkhead. A single screw fixing is required initially on the three smaller conduit sizes with double screws required on the remaining larger conduit sizes. With the hinged cover of the split fitting raised, the appropriate conduit, which can be pre-assembled with the necessary cables, is offered to the fitting. The hinged lid is then lowered to enclose the conduit and screwed to the bulkhead with two remaining screws ensuring an IP54 seal. The simple removal of these latter two screws is all that is then required to accommodate conduit removal for cabling modifications.

The Confix FWS bulkhead fittings are manufactured from Polycarbonate and can be supplied in two colours black (RAL 9005) and grey (RAL 7011). This material has a flame class of UL 94 V-0 and is self-extinguishing as well as being both Halogen and silicone free. It is also compatible for temperature environments from -30°C to +100°C (static).