How to make your production line safe

If you happen to be in the business of production, making sure you operate safely is critical. Not only is it important for the sake of staying in line with health and safety regulations, but you also need to be able to ensure the safety of the people that are working with you.

If you’ve just started a business or are refining your processes, you should continue reading below.

Check Your Equipment

If you want to make your product line safe, then you need to check your equipment. What you should be looking out for is whether or not it’s functioning as it should amongst other things. Here are a few suggestions below.

  • Maintain Regularly: All equipment needs servicing, so schedule a time to do so for yours. A failure to service your equipment could end up leading to accidents, inefficiency in production as well as waste. Predictive maintenance can also help you as you can get a long-term collection of safety device data so you can track its performance over time.
  • Take note of staff complaints: When staff complain about something, be sure to listen. It is often an indication that their work is being affected, especially when its equipment-related. Have it checked out immediately as ignoring complaints could make the faults
  • Replace when necessary: Every piece of equipment you buy has its lifespan, so know when it’s time to replace it. If not, equipment could end up malfunctioning, so think about replacing ones that don’t function well. Before replacing machinery, however, decide whether it can be rebuilt or repaired for optimum performance.

Implement Staff Training

Staff training plays a critical role in making your production line safe. Assuming that everyone is aware of what they need to do is something you should avoid. You can offer training as frequently as you think they need it, whether it be weekly or monthly. Training is especially important when you have new employees, as they may be new to your processes and equipment. When training, make it easy to understand, practical, and leave the floor open to questions.

Update Health and Safety

Healthy and safety are typically required in every business. This is to help regulate the work environment and ensure that it’s ethical as well as safe for everyone involved. As a company, you should have your own health and safety policy that’s updated regularly. There are usually health and safety laws that you have to comply with, especially if you have over 5 employees. Ultimately, make sure your policy safeguards your employees from potential harm caused by business activities.

Delegate Roles

Floor safety is extremely important, so perhaps have someone in charge of monitoring health and safety. They can ensure simple things like putting signs up if the floor is wet or making sure food and drink aren’t brought into the workplace. Putting a structure in place is essential as if there’s an accident, they could end up receiving compensation by using professionals like

Create Peer Rewards

Another way that you could make your production line safe would be to create peer rewards. Instead of preaching safety, it may be a better idea to delegate responsibility and then offer rewards. You can give a range of non-monetary perks to leaders who constantly demonstrate safe practices. Some ideas are trophies, plaques, t-shirts, vouchers or a day off.