Morris Site Machinery

Morris Site Machinery Delivers Showstopping Festive Light to Tippers Tool Hire

Ahead of the festive events season, Midlands tool hire company Tippers Tool Hire has purchased five LED lighting towers from dynamic UK manufacturer and supplier of site equipment, Morris Site Machinery.

The SMC TL-90 LED, manufactured by Morris Site Machinery, provides the ultimate in new technology, innovation and quality for festive occasions from Christmas markets to ice rinks.

Joe Tipper, Director of Tippers Tool Hire, said: “Thanks to Morris Site Machinery, this exciting purchase will ensure we stay ahead in the market and meet the demands of our customers who come to us expecting the latest and highest quality machinery. Additionally, our environmental strategy means that we not only look for high performing equipment but also kit that minimises the impact of our business on the environment.”

Operating with a 1500rpm Kubota water cooled engine, which is recognised for its performance, the TL-90 LED operates with five 240 watt LED lamps with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. With a low noise level, the machine can run from mains power via a changeover switch or three towers can be linked together to run from one engine consecutively, offering almost 400 hours of usage. One of the most economical of its kind on the market, the TL-90 LED uses 50% less fuel than a standard lighting tower.

Phil Winnington, Managing Director of Morris Site Machinery, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting the expansion of Tippers Tool Hire. Perfect for the party season, the five SMC TL-90 LED lighting powerhouses are the equivalent of 565,000 Christmas candles and unlike traditional metal halide lamps, need no warming up, are eco-friendly and provide instant, white light.”