How multi-channel promotions can help enhance in-house manufacturing processes

Multi-channel sales solutions are often solely associated with the marketing sector. 

These methods are meant to drive revenue and to increase client engagement.  However, were you aware that manufacturing firms have the ability to leverage these very same benefits to their advantage?  Why are multi-channel sales such powerful tools to employ and how can they be implemented within your current business model?  Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these very important questions. If you have been hoping to boost production capacity and revenue generation in the coming year, the information below should prove to be an invaluable asset.

The Basics of Multi-Channel Sales

Multi channel marketing is simply leveraging the power of exposure across numerous different platforms.  No longer are sales associated with a static website alone.  In order to reach as large of a customer base as possible, you need to employ additional methods such as making use of:

– Social media circles

– Blog platforms

– Third-party retail platforms such as eBay and Amazon

It is also important to mention that this multi-channel approach will help your business to rank better within major search engine listings such as Google.  If you appear at or near the top of the results, the chances are much higher that more clients will visit your website and enquire about what it is that you have to offer.  The good news is that the average multi-channel sales campaign will require very little initial revenue, to this strategy is ideal if you happen to be governed by a tight budget.  How that we have developed a basic understanding of the multi-channel approach, how will it impact the manufacturing sector in particular?

Higher Demand, Higher Supply

The main goal of any multi-channel publicity campaign is to increase the amount of interest generated in regards to a service being offered.  In terms of the manufacturing sector, this could equate to a handful of examples.  Perhaps you wish to advertise a new piece of equipment that will impact the efficiency of your in-house production facility.  You might also be looking to promote the sale of a specific product for a certain amount of time.  Either of these situations will dictate the needs for as much exposure as possible. The multi-channel approach helps to ensure such a positive outcome.  As a result, the demand for manufactured items will rise; allowing profits and revenue generation to trickle down over time. 

We should still mention that this strategy needs to be used in synergy with other reliable e-commerce tactics if you hope to make the most out of the end results.  This is also why it is wise to partner with trusted cloud-based e-commerce providers such as Shopify Plus.  Not only will you be offered access to advanced technical tools, but you are also given the ability to leverage over 20 different sales channels.  If you wish to increase the success of your business in 2019, there is no better time than the present to begin.

Click to download the simple and helpful infographic below.

Keys for online marketing success - image courtesy of Shopify
Keys for online marketing success – image courtesy of Shopify