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Oliver Wight launch new business improvement workshops

Business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight have launched a new series of education workshops, to help organisations optimise their business processes, both internally and across the extended supply chain.

The new workshops add to Oliver Wight’s popular public education programme. Divided into two suites, ‘Integrated Business Planning’ workshops focus on internal processes for improved visibility and performance to plan, whilst Supply Chain Design and Optimization workshops take account of consumers, customers and suppliers.

“Recent events have shown having control of your supply chain is critical,” says Oliver Wight CEO, Les Brookes. “It’s no longer enough to simply optimise within your own four walls. The health of an organisation depends on its ability to successfully meet the needs of customers. And as demand for superior service, greater value and competitive pricing increases, businesses have to optimise performance across the entire supply chain. These workshops will help organisations focus on what they can do to improve.”

Packed with the latest thought-leading methodology and practice, Oliver Wight education workshops are designed to give executive and general management teams invaluable insight into best practice management of core processes:

Integrated Business Planning
Demand Management
Supply Chain Design and Optimization
Integrated Business Optimization
Product & Portfolio Optimization
Supply Chain Management
Supply Planning

The workshops have been designed recognising people are the key enabler in any change management programme, as Brookes explains: “In the rush for improvement, companies often launch in to tackling processes and the corresponding tools with enthusiasm and vigour, but overlook the importance of people and behaviours.”

To coincide with the launch of these new workshops, Oliver Wight have also introduced a 33% discount for companies making multiple bookings. “To get the most from their Oliver Wight education programme people typically book on to several workshops, so we’re offering something back to those who do,” concludes Brookes.

For more information: www.oliverwight-eame.com/workshop-bundles