Orderfox.com opens up digital CNC marketplace in fight against COVID-19

BEATING coronavirus together

ORDERFOX.com opens up digital CNC marketplace, free of charge for all CNC buyers and manufacturers.

The coronavirus shutdown is an extreme situation for the entire economy and is hitting the CNC industry hard. Although there is huge uncertainty, we can be sure of one thing: falling into a state of shock is the most dangerous reaction to this acute situation and is therefore not an option. Instead, the best way to counteract the problem is with a mix of flexibility, optimism and solidarity. Because we will overcome this crisis together! Here at ORDERFOX.com, we want to play our part, which is why we are enabling CNC manufacturers and buyers to use our entire platform free of charge – for a dynamic and cooperative response to the shutdown.

‘Following this crisis, Europe will only be able to maintain its prosperity through innovation, new technologies and creative spirit,’ argues Professor Wolfgang Reitzle, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Continental AG and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Linde plc.

By any measure, this assessment hits the nail on the head and outlines exactly what is required at every single company: a rethink that identifies possible routes out of the crisis as quickly as possible. And we are now offering tangible support in this very area: ORDERFOX.com, the world’s largest digital CNC marketplace, is opening up its entire platform free of charge (initially until 30 April). As such, you can keep your operations/production activities running and safeguard their long-term future.

Orderfox.com opens up digital CNC marketplace for free

ORDERFOX.com is calling on the entire CNC sector to join forces to overcome the coronavirus crisis. Mutual support, cooperation, solidarity and the proactive harnessing of new opportunities constitute the best driving forces for a well-functioning CNC industry. Both now and in the future.

Secure your supply of CNC parts now

As a CNC buyer, you can now put your CNC orders to tender at ORDERFOX.com – it’s straightforward, digital and offers automatic filtering to reflect your specific requirements. In next to no time, you will find CNC manufacturers with spare capacity and the necessary expertise who are currently able to produce and supply the CNC parts you require. You will not only be supporting the entire CNC sector in your capacity as a CNC buyer, but also keeping your own production running smoothly and safeguarding your own delivery capability.

CNC manufacturers – protect your business now

If you are a CNC manufacturer or 3D printing services provider, you can easily make your capacity available to the entire CNC sector via ORDERFOX.com – with precise filters to suit your firm’s technical and time capabilities. This is a straightforward way to make valuable contacts and find new business partners. Emerge from this crisis stronger and with new customer contacts – for a bright future. You can now communicate, submit quotes and manage your incoming RFQs digitally and free of charge at ORDERFOX.com. Make your company resilient and future-proof.

Whether you are a CNC buyer or a manufacturer: make the most of the new technologies offered by ORDERFOX.com and let us take action together. Digital, straightforward, fast and efficient in the fight against coronavirus – for a healthy CNC industry. If we stick together, we will win the battle and come out of the crisis even stronger. In the words of legendary entrepreneur John D. Rockefeller: ‘I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity.’

Stay healthy and optimistic – we are here when you need us and our Customer Service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

About ORDERFOX.com

ORDERFOX.com is the world’s leading digital marketplace for the CNC industry. Here, buyers and CNC manufacturers can find suitable production partners or new RFQs with just a few clicks. Direct, local, national and global. With minimal effort and without commission costs.

ORDERFOX.com was developed in response to the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 and the rapidly advancing digitalisation of all production processes. The interactive community links buyers and CNC manufacturers around the globe and thus opens up unlimited market opportunities for all users in the truest sense of the word.

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Welcome to the new digital CNC world.

ORDERFOX.com benefits for CNC buyers:

–  Immediately available CNC capacities

–  Continually growing CNC supplier pool

–  Direct access to over 15,000 highly qualified CNC manufacturers

–  Local, national and global CNC manufacturers

–  Efficient. Fast. Simple. Digital.

–  Unlimited sourcing

–  No commission

–  All machining technologies

–  Freely adaptable to your needs

ORDERFOX.com for CNC manufacturers:

–  Immediately available CNC RFQs

–  Unlimited matching of CNC jobs or automatic notification

–  New CNC enquiries daily

–  Direct contact with CNC buyers – locally, nationally, globally

–  No commission

–  Efficient. Fast. Simple. Digital.

–  Freely adaptable to your needs