P. P. Plasma Ltd

Water Jet & Laser Feature – Cutting in Its Most Advanced Form

Market Leading Profiling Subcontractor, P.P. Plasma Ltd, an Advanced Profiling Centre based in Manchester has been pushing the boundaries in Material Processing for nearly two decades.

Originally starting out with one hand plasma, they now hold one of the most diverse and comprehensive cutting portfolios in the Industry. Serving a plethora of Markets such as Aerospace, Nuclear, Transport, Energy & Oil and Gas, P.P. Plasma Ltd serves 650 customers per annum with some estimated 45 sectors using their products across the Globe. Their portfolio consists of all major cutting technologies that you would expect from an Advanced Profiling Centre. Water Jet (4000mm x 3000mm x 150mm), Laser’s (6500mm x 2500mm x 25mm), Plasma (9000mm x 4000mm x 100mm), & most recently Bevel Water Jet (4000mm x 3000mm x 150mm @ 45®).

Explaining the advantages of their most recent investment; a Bevel Water Jet cutting Facility, Group Marketing Executive Richard Mazurkiewicz comments “The Bevel Water Jet Cell at P.P .Plasma Ltd can accurately process intricate Chambers, Straight Bevels (edge prepping), counter sinking and produce true radius around elliptical shapes, something traditional CNC Machinists cannot achieve”.

The concept behind the technology is nothing new as he continues to evaluate “As the process is effectively Abrasive Water Jet cutting at a 45® angle, this allows us [P.P. Plasma Ltd] to continually drive time and material usage out of the project – Something our clients are extremely happy with.”

P.P. Plasma Ltd has also committed to an overall investment of over £1,000,000 for two Laser cutting cells over recent years. The investment saw two 6kw Laser cutting facilities being purchased with bed sizes of 6500mm x 2500mm giving the ability to cut 25mm Thick material. With these recent investments, we are now competitively placed to grow our portfolio of products and process an extremely wide range of materials.

Copper Brass & Bronze Processing

P.P. Plasma Ltd holds a wide range of inventory in-house with typical material grades and thicknesses comprising of all major Stainless Steels, Nickel Based Alloys, Duplex and Super Duplexes, Aluminium’s & High Alloy Austenitic. In addition to this P.P. Plasma Ltd also stock and produce Copper, Brass & Bronze – All processed by their Water Jet facility.

“All major UK profilers’ are now looking to process their yellow metals projects with Fibre Optic Lasers, which is limited by the current technology and can only achieve a very short cutting spectrum; usually 0.5mm – 6mm. This being said, we opt to utilise the Water Jet facility to process all our Yellow Metals projects in order to process much thicker material. We work within a cutting spectrum of 0.5mm – 150mm, which is obviously much more comprehensive and beneficial to our clients”.

“However, P.P. Plasma Ltd intends to purchase a Fibre Optic Laser, once the technology is more developed” Mazurkiewicz explains. This investment will be timed with their move of location, which will see the Manchester based Sub-Contractor move to purpose built facilities 5 times larger than their existing factory.

P.P. Plasma Ltd is not new to Water Jet cutting as they have currently clocked over 20,000 hours of Water Jet processing since they introduced the technology over 7 years ago. In addition to the core cutting facilities the organisation also provides additional services in its portfolio such as Plate Rolling Services and Press Braking, enabling it to provide not only near finished cut profiles, but formed cylinders and cones for example.

Professional Partnerships

P.P. Plasma Ltd, which actually stands for Professional Partnerships, is a very customer centric organisation that strives itself on its relationships, not only with Clients but with Suppliers also. “As a provider of subcontractor services it is part of our philosophy that we pass these savings on to the whole supply chain. It’s hugely important we understand the requirements of our customers and their customers and pass on the desired benefits. This could be simply reducing the amount of material used, something that our C.A.D. department is completely focused around.”

These Professional Partnerships are Critical to the success of P.P. Plasma Ltd and for the future, however they don’t stop at Suppliers of Materials. Within this carefully selected network of stakeholders, P.P. Plasma Ltd regularly consults for ways to automate and develop their processes to streamline operations to ultimately utilise resources more effectively.


Mr Richard Mazurkiewicz – Group Marketing Executive

P.P. Plasma Ltd

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