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Is this the UK’s greenest manufacturer?

RICHARD Hagan has already spent more than £1m on energy-saving technology in his manufacturing factory in Rochdale but now he’s refusing to fly to overseas trade shows to reduce his carbon footprint.

The man thought to be one of the UK’s greenest manufacturers has banned himself from flyin…

How to keep your employees safe at work

Accident Prevention Health and Safety Injury Forklife Emergency - Stock Image
Posted on 9 Jul 2019 by Tim Brown

Safety is a major concern when working in the manufacturing business and industry. As a business owner, you want to make sure your employees aren’t getting into trouble or causing themselves, or others, any harm while at work.

Know that there are certain aspects you can control that will help to ke…

How to start a manufacturing business without money

How to Start a Manufacturing Business Without Money - image courtesy of Click Intelligence.
Posted on 5 Jul 2019 by Tim Brown

The manufacturing industry is a key driver of the economy in many parts of the world. Not only has a manufacturing business become a lucrative venture in recent time, but it has also opened numerous employment opportunities.

Starting a manufacturing firm, however, is not the easiest of tasks. Quit…

4 marketing tips for manufacturing businesses

It is not just email marketing and social meda trends that are constantly changing but also content marketing - image courtesy of ADS.
Posted on 5 Jul 2019 by Tim Brown

Manufacturing is an odd thing. It is something that a large number of businesses are completely dependent upon, but also not something that you generally see adverts for when you’re watching TV or listening to the radio. Manufacturing is one of a small number of industries that is almost exclusiv…

How to sell your manufacturing business

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Posted on 18 Jun 2019 by Tim Brown

While you might be enjoying great success in your manufacturing company, you might also wonder exactly how much your site and operations are worth.

If you are considering handing the keys over to a new owner, you would be wise to get in touch with a broker to identify its value. However, before you do, y…

7 degree options for a future finance career

Money Finance Budget 2018 investment invest - image courtesy of Depositphotos
Posted on 29 May 2019 by Tim Brown

If mathematics has always been your strong point, you enjoy working with numbers, and have a strong eye for statistics and an interest in finance, you may be considering pursuing a career in the financial sector.

As an industry, finance offers a wide range of lucrative career opportunities, with hi…