Playing a small but ‘Vital Part’ in the fight against COVID-19


  • JANUARY 29th 2020, the UK registers it’s first two known cases of the Coronavirus in York
  • February 29th 2020, the first person to person transmission confirmed
  • March 23rd 2020, the UK Government announces lockdown measures to combat the spreading of the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus taking many small to medium organisations by surprise, businesses across the UK were expected to adapt quickly to an ever-changing work environment, and we at Vital Parts were no exception. The rapid adoption of new and somewhat un-tested working methods were to become the new norm, alongside growing delays from courier services. This expansive list of issues quickly led us to the question – “how do we stay relevant as a manufacturing company during the pandemic?”

As a company who manufacture we like many others are solely reliant on the consistent supply of product coming in (and out) of our warehouses, so without a level of dedication from Procurement, Operational and Warehousing departments, we would be unable to fulfil any existing or future orders. This ability to maintain supply in to our warehouses became critical to us being able to remain open.

From here we knew urgent action needed to be taken or we would run the risk of an extended period of closure and the inability to fulfil existing orders.  We pledged internally for extended commitment from our staff members, who rallied in numbers to assist with the new challenges we were facing. Additional roles were offered to those experiencing a diminished workload, with 12 hour shifts being offered to our warehouse operatives. Operational and Procurement teams were then focused towards the urgent and pro-active supply of critical products – Elements of which were becoming more and more in demand by the day, as government projects to tackle the virus quickly came into fruition.

Staying Relevant As A Manufacturer

It was clear at this point, that to play a role and maintain relevance during the Coronavirus pandemic, that we must react in a way that aids the situation, by supplying essential components to those that needed it urgently. From here we changed tact, we wanted to become the go-to company for a priority service, taking urgent projects under our wing and nurturing them towards success.

And it worked.  Using our existing presence online we were able to quickly notify customers working with COVID-19 projects that we were more than open for business, we were ready to do whatever it takes to help them cross the finish line.  Our role amounted to prioritizing the delivery of thousands of tiny components, essential for elements of the ICU beds, Ventilators and Ad Hoc equipment being rushed to production. Anything from Castor Wheels used to help move heavy equipment across care centres, to End Caps used to close off the end of a piece of tubing.

Our ‘Vital Part’ In The Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Prioritisation of key product lines to ensure a critical supply to front line operations, frequently installed onto beds, trolleys and ventilation units
  • Maintained the supply of over 300,000 individual components, used to finish off ICU beds and equipment
  • We have made contactless same day deliveries of products to ICU centres in urgent need of our products to prevent delay
  • We made donations of components to emergency contact centres to show our appreciation for the NHS and the national fight against the pandemic

A Word From The Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Vital Parts, I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of our customers for their valued support over the past 3 months. Personally, I think this pandemic exposed areas where improvements could be made so I’ve been taking the time to put together a plan which will increase our reliability and help us to deliver the best possible service for our customers.

I really can’t say how appreciative we are as a company, thank you for your support.

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