How to Rebrand Your Manufacturing Company Successfully

When you feel like your business is going through a lull period, it can be extremely disheartening, especially after working so hard to get to where you are today.

This, however, is the perfect opportunity to rebrand. Rebranding essentially means recreating or re-shaping your business’s identity.

Why change?

The answer is simple. It’s giving you a chance to come back bigger and better. Change is not only important for the growth of your company but for your customers too. As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new, so here are four ways that you can rebrand your manufacturing company and come out on top.

Update your logo, colour scheme, and website  

Start by assessing your logo and website; the chances are that it might not be as eye-catching as you initially thought years ago. Research what your competitor’s logo and website look like to get some inspiration and implement changes to your current site. Alternatively, if you have enough budget, hire a designer who will be able to create a slick, modern website that people will be able to use easily. Having a well-designed website that is also functional should be your focus. Changing the logo also provides you with the opportunity to change up the colour scheme too. It might be that the bright red scheme that you’ve got at the moment isn’t working, but a softer blue is better.

Redesign your shop

Making changes to your online brand will mean making changes to your shop too. While this might seem like a lot of work, rebranding could result in extra sales. Take inspiration from your newly put together website for colour schemes and start repainting. You’ll be surprised at how much a splash of colour will make a difference. Customers will love the effort you go to to make it looks aesthetically pleasing. However, you need to make sure that they take notice of you. Advertise on your website and social media platforms that you have rebranded your shop. Or, better yet, invest in one of the custom illuminated signs from Stout Sign that can be attached to the front of your shop. From merchandising signs to dimensional and wall graphics, you can be sure that your new store is going to be the best-looking shop in the entire street.

Interact More on Social Media

During the process of rebranding, you need to evaluate how much have you interacted with your audience over the past year. Do your audience feel engaged with your brand? Do they feel like you appreciate them? If the answer was no to either of these, then it’s essential that you focus on how to change this. For example, offer deals to loyal customers, run competitions on your social media platforms, or even just message thanks after they have purchased from you. By making these small changes, your audience will notice that your company has the human touch to it.

Look at Your Brand’s Message

Your brand’s message is one of the crucial aspects to showing people who you are, customers and potential employees love knowing what you’re about. Therefore, it is worth looking at whether you can make changes to the way you run things, especially if your brand hasn’t changed in years.