How Small Manufacturers Can Compete With Larger Brands

It can be incredibly challenging for a small manufacturing company to compete with the larger businesses, particularly when they are operating in a competitive market. While it will always be difficult to compete with businesses that have greater resources, budgets and brand reputation, there are a few ways in which a smaller manufacturer can compete at a higher level and with larger brands.

So, if you are looking to compete with the larger brands in your market then read on to find out how you can do this.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

One area in which large manufacturing companies often struggle is customer service, because it is a much larger company with more staff and more customers. As a smaller brand, you can focus on each individual customer and form an important connection which will be vital for retention while also improving brand reputation. You should also provide a few options of contact, including:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Social media

It is also helpful to seek feedback from your existing customers so that you are able to show that you value their opinion and then make improvements to your operation should you learn how it can be improved.

Invest In Staff

It is impossible to compete if you do not have a team of skilled, hardworking employees. This means that you need to take the time to find the right people for the job but also develop and keep them engaged through training, development opportunities, providing a good work-life balance and comfortable working conditions.


While it is important to have a team of skilled workers, you might also find it beneficial to outsource certain areas of the operation to specialists. This can lighten the load for your team, and it is cheaper than hiring more staff and it allows you to find experts to complete the work.

Upgrade Equipment

In order to compete with the larger manufacturing companies, you will need to run a highly efficient operation and use the best equipment which will deliver the best results. Expert load cell developers can provide your business with the best transducers that will convert force into an electrical signal and can be custom engineered for your specific application.

This will help you to streamline and improve your output so that you can compete at a higher level.

Social Media

It can be incredibly competitive on the search engines and hard to compete with the larger brands, but social media is a superb platform for boosting your small manufacturing business. This is where you can show your expertise with high-quality content that is of value to your target customer, respond to queries, as well as build a connection with your followers.

It will always be hard for small manufacturing businesses to compete with the bigger brands in their industry, but it is possible. These are a few of the more effective strategies for competing with much larger brands and, when combined together, should deliver noticeable results and help to take your manufacturing business forward.