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Manufacturers expand their Mainsaver CMMS installations to drive improvement.

Three established Spidex customers are expanding and augmenting their already successful Mainsaver CMMS installations with additional modules, consultancy and user training.

One such customer is leading dairy products manufacturer Adams Foods. From its £30m flagship processing and packing facility in Leek (Staffordshire), Adams supplies around a third of the UK’s retail pre-packed hard cheese.

Adams has used Mainsaver for a number of years. Originally installed to improve the timeliness and availability of management information, Adams has now opted to push the system to the next level. This will involve the implementation of two additional applications – web maintenance module SpidexWM (to enable users from all areas of the site to raise and track work requests) and web reports module SpidexBI (to deliver real-time management/KPI data.)

Installation and user training of the new software at Leek will commence in August 2012.

Another Spidex customer looking to Mainsaver to help enhance its engineering maintenance regime is international dairy and desserts manufacturer Senoble UK.

When Senoble acquired two ‘Elisabeth the Chef’ manufacturing plants toward the end of the 2000s, there was already a fledgling Mainsaver installation in place at the Leamington Spa factory. The ongoing success of that project will lead to the creation of a second Mainsaver installation at Senoble’s sister factory in Worcester.

This new Mainsaver installation will aim to replace the previous spreadsheet-based preventative maintenance scheduling system and enhance it by including Mainsaver’s Materials module (to record and track spare parts usage) and by widening visibility of maintenance activity throughout the site using SpidexWM.

The preparatory elements of the Worcester project have already been carried out, with the remainder scheduled to take place after the holiday period.

The third customer actively expanding its Mainsaver installation in recent months is DCT Gdansk, the newest, most modern deepwater container terminal in the Baltic Gateway.

DCT Gdansk was opened in 2007 and has used Mainsaver successfully since then to manage maintenance of its fleet of heavy lifting equipment. In June this year, the terminal procured Mainsaver’s Barcode module to help improve its management of spares inventory.

Installation of the Barcode module will initially enable clear labelling of maintenance spare parts to reduce administration time on issues, receipts and stock counts. Ultimately, the module is expected to facilitate a fully mobile-enabled stockroom environment with PDAs/scanners registering and recording all spares transactions both inward and outbound.

The software has already been installed, with set-up assistance and training scheduled to take place in the next few weeks.