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Hardly a day goes by without the Testo Saveris radio and ethernet based humidity and temperature monitoring system finding a new use. The versatility and quality of Testo Saveris was vividly demonstrated by the recent installation at Quotient, one of the world’s leading diabetes diagnostics businesses.

At the company’s modern premises in Walton on Thames, Surrey, Quotient is developing point of care devices that test levels of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in blood. Quotient’s products – Quo-Test and Quo-Lab –enable medical staff to regularly and easily check the health of a diabetic patient without having to send blood samples off-site for testing.

Despite their apparent simplicity, Quotient Production Manager Dr Roger Kimber was anxious to ensure that the Quo-Test and Quo-Lab analysers and testing cartridges are assembled in the highest quality environment available. This is where the Testo Saveris enters the story.

As Dr Kimber observes there are numerous benefits of the Testo Saveris product. “ The wireless probes are easy to place and are unobtrusive within their locations. We have numerous varied needs across the operation such as refrigerators, the plant room, laboratories and the cold store for finished products including delicate consumables. Everything is always on display via my PC and the remote 24 hour alarm system including SMS texts gives me peace of mind.

The cost of the system was also within our budget and met ISO 13485. I would say it is certainly the best system of its kind on the market.”

For the record there are six of the Testo Saveris probes at Quotient, each approximately the size of a SmartPhone running specialist software with simple operation measured in minutes and an intuitive PC-based user interface. The other key component is the discreet table-top base unit which can save 40,000 readings per measurement channel – the equivalent of a year of memory- as well as constantly displaying data and alarms for up to 150 probes supported by an integrated backup battery. As part of a comprehensive package of services, Testo can also supply validatable CFR software, fulfiling the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR part 11. This means that when used in conjunction with the CFR software, Testo Saveris is suitable for the most demanding of monitoring requirements in pharmaceutical application. Testo also provides an ongoing and essential calibration service.

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