Tools of the Trade for Small Manufacturers

As a skilled worker or manufacturer, you need your products to stand up to the job at hand. Durability, quality, and price are three of the most important contributors to how you choose your tools. Make your job and output easier with the tools below. 

These high-quality tools may not seem like necessities at first glance, but keep in mind that they can make your life easier so you can focus on what you do best – crafting and assembling your product! They are all made of quality materials and have stood the test of time through continuous use. 

1) Glue Guns 

Glue guns are essential for doers, builders, and manufacturers of all kinds. They can be used to glue fabric, paper, wood, or plastic onto other pieces of material. However, when it comes to big jobs, your average craft store glue gun won’t cut it. This is when you need an industrial glue gun and glue. Industrial glue offers stronger bonds than craft store alternatives. It also has a flexible bond and offers temperature resistance in extremes. You can view a selection of glue stick products that will suit the needs of a small manufacturer all the way to high-end manufacturers. 

2) Scissors 

You’ll need a good pair of scissors if you’re working on products that have lots of small pieces. While you can use a standard pair of scissors, they may not be ideal since you’ll have to snip one piece of paper at a time. Try using an extra-long pair instead. Some have pointed tips and are great for cutting small pieces, such as those from a pattern or extra material from a zip tie. The bigger the blades, the easier it is to cut bulky pieces of material. 

3) Cutting Mat 

A cutting mat will help prevent damage to your table or board so that you don’t have to worry about screwing up your wood or damaging your table saw with improper cutting techniques. The best mats will come with grid lines so that you can measure, mark, and cut accurately without making mistakes. Curved cutting guides are also available, which help you maintain control. 

4) A Sharp Crafting Knife 

If you’re working on something small, then a sharp craft knife is the best bet. The smaller blades are perfect for making precise cuts and getting into tight corners. A new blade will ensure that your cuts are clean and precise, which is always important. If you have a small project, then consider using an Exacto knife instead of scissors so that you get a deeper cut for less effort. 

5) A High-Quality Sewing Machine 

A sewing machine is great for sewing leather, vinyl, or heavy-duty fabrics around furniture or bags. It can also be used to sew smaller areas of a project that needs flexibility while maintaining the quality of the craftsmanship. Because these machines are quite expensive, try using them at a local sewing store if you’re not sure that they are what you need. 

There are many tools needed for manufacturing your product or making repairs, but these are just a few that you might consider. What’s important is that you learn about what you’re buying and, after doing some research, buy the best and most durable items possible for the price that suits you.