UK companies are missing out on grants for customs forms training

THE government has set aside £34 million to help up to 250,000 companies that trade with the EU, but the BBC reported recently that only 878 companies have received a total of £17.5 million.

Castle Knight Services, a trade consultancy specialising in dealing with the consequences of Brexit, can help companies to apply for grants and receive training on how to complete customs forms from our expert consultant Robert Hina.

Companies that trade with the EU will be faced with much more red tape after the Brexit transition period ends on December 31. Our 1-day and 2-day courses, which are conducted virtually during the pandemic, will help prepare staff to complete customs forms and understand changes to VAT rules and other regulations. The courses are tailored to the needs of each individual company.

“British exporters will have to cope with large volumes of additional customs forms and new regulations after the transition period ends and we urge them to take advantage of the government grants and train as many staff as possible to enhance their capacity,” said Sarah Hurst, managing director of Castle Knight. “Our courses are led by Robert Hina, who has decades of experience in trade compliance in both the public and private sectors.”

The coronavirus crisis has eclipsed Brexit and many companies are not thinking about it, but the government insists that it won’t request an extension to the transition period. We could be facing the equivalent of a no deal at the end of the year, which will mean more extreme disruption. Now is the perfect time for staff on furlough to take these customs courses and get up to speed on the new requirements.

Castle Knight can also advise companies on how to navigate the changes in UK trade policy and how they will affect their specific industry, and help them to lobby the government for what they need.

For more information please contact Sarah Hurst, Managing Director, Castle Knight Services, 07766 294 170 or [email protected]. Our website: