Understanding Tomorrow’s Consumers: How to Master Your Marketing for Gen Z

You may have heard of the term Gen Z used to describe one of the more recent generations in today’s age. This demographic is expected to become one of the most prominent groups of consumers and will play a significant role in shaping the economic world. This is something to pay attention to as a business owner as they have different desires and outlooks than previous generations.

Brands or individuals that invest time in understanding Gen Z through self-study or courses such as the RMIT Master of marketing online will be primed for growth. This article will look at this vital group of consumers and give you some tips and advice on how you can appeal to them through your marketing strategies.

Who Is Gen Z? Defining the Post-Millennial Generation

Those born between the mid-1997s and mid-2012s are part of the emerging group of individuals called Gen Z. This group follows the millennials and is one of the most diverse groups in history. Growing up solely in the digital age, surrounded by smartphones and social media platforms, this group holds authenticity, individuality, and creativity in high regard.

They have grown up during events such as the election of the first black president, increased globalisation, and looming environmental issues, which have caused them to develop a strong sense of social consciousness. They exhibit traits driven by a desire for positive change, and businesses that appeal to this will have the best chance of success.

What Makes Gen Z Different? Core Values and Behaviors

What differentiates this group is the fact they have been shaped by technology and social media throughout their lives. So, understanding their motivations and drives will help us know what approaches to use through our efforts.

Social Justice

One of the most essential values for Gen Z is social justice and equality. Growing up in an increasingly diverse world, this group is passionate about promoting causes that help disadvantaged communities and fight to stop all forms of discrimination. They want to use their voices and platforms to advocate for social change.

Environmental Sustainability

While other generations show concern for the environment, this generation is much more vocal and active about these issues. They want brands to have sustainable practices and be socially responsible regarding climate change and pollution. Green brands and those focused on eco-friendly products are well-positioned to attract Gen Z consumers.

The Always Online Generation

This generation lives through the internet and uses various platforms to do everything from connecting online to streaming music, shopping, and discovering brands. If you want to engage with this generation effectively, it’s essential to prioritise marketing efforts on these platforms. Create genuine and entertaining content while also providing value or sparking meaningful conversations.

Living in the Moment and Experience

While it might not seem evident initially, this generation highly values experiences that allow them to disconnect from media and fully engage with friends or family. This generation will highly appreciate brands that can offer experiences centered around music, sports, or gaming. Thinking outside of the box can help keep you ahead of the curve.

Marketing Tactics to Reach Gen Z Consumers

Reaching out to this post-millennial generation requires a fresh approach to marketing. Since these consumers are highly connected through technology and social media, you must adapt your tactics. Here are some marketing approaches for your consideration.

Consistently Post on Social Media

Since they are heavily invested in media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, establishing an active presence there is essential. Businesses should share captivating and enjoyable content to build rapport and trust. Methods such as contests, giveaways, and collaboration with influencers can also help grow your following.

Level Up Your Video Marketing Strategy

Short-form videos have gained popularity among this generation, so consider posting videos for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. This can include showcasing product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes footage, and other ideas. Remember to keep the videos concise while effectively conveying your brand personality.

Ensure Everything is Optimised for Mobile

Gen Z uses smartphones as their primary device for online activities, so your website and marketing materials must be optimised for mobile viewing. Ensure that your website looks good on phones and has easy navigation options. You can also consider running ads tailored to smartphones and engaging social media stories.

Focus Heavily on Authenticity and Purpose

One crucial aspect to remember when marketing to Gen Z is authenticity and purpose. This generation values authenticity, diversity, and social causes. It’s important to highlight your brand’s purpose and be authentic instead of posting just for good public relations. Being transparent and honest is critical to gaining the trust and loyalty of Gen Z.

Key Takeaways on Marketing Efforts Towards Gen Z

Gen Z represents the generation born after Millennials who are digital natives as they have never known life without the Internet and mobile devices. To effectively reach this demographic, it’s crucial to reconsider marketing strategies.

Emphasise Media and Influences

Gen Z predominantly resides on social platforms, so the best chance of reaching them will be through media and influences. Having a good social reach and collaborating with influencers can be great for connecting with audiences. Additionally, creating communities where they can interact can be a great advantage because fostering communities will bring longevity as we move toward a digital world.

Be Transparent

Gone are the days of fake it till you make it. The newer generation of consumers is much more savvy about marketing tactics and can often spot inauthentic companies or individuals. This means that an emphasis needs to be put on honesty and authenticity. This move from businesses to personal brands is a perfect example. The future of business will be in personal brands that we know and trust.

Exhibit Social Consciousness

Social issues such as sustainability, inclusion, and mental health are essential to this generation. It’s a good idea to showcase these aspects by highlighting social responsibility initiatives and your positive impact. Find social initiatives you want to support and support these causes that resonate with this demographic.


The key to successfully marketing to Generation Z lies in understanding who they are as individuals and what truly matters to them. This means speaking their language, meeting where they spend most of their time, and prioritising experiences and authentic interactions. By taking the time to comprehend the needs and desires of this generation of consumers, you’ll be primed to build lasting relationships that drive tangible business results. If you can position yourself well for this emerging market, you’re in the prime position. Good luck.