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Axion Polymers’ new website has 100% recycled products focus

The new Axion Polymers website at www.axionpolymers.com has been redesigned to focus on its range of products for sale including 100% recycled polymers, recycled aggregates and SRF and the services it offers such as laboratory testing and toll processing.

Of particular interest to designers and manufacturers seeking fresh inspiration for new products is the expanded product section highlighting the Salford-based plastics recycler’s production of 100% recycled high quality polymers recovered from end of life products, including ELV, WEEE and post-industrial sources.

Information on Axion’s sustainable Axpoly, Axfoil and Axplas product ranges and their environmental benefits is presented, along with details of the full polymer material testing service.

Axion Polymers’ homepage includes a news feed of the latest company developments, efficient search facilities and a ‘carbon counter’, a novel way to indicate the carbon savings that can be made by using Axion’s recycled plastics. The Download section allows the user to access product specifications for all available materials, as well as copies of brochures and newsletters.

Axion Polymers Director Keith Freegard commented: “In providing a ‘sales-focussed’ website for Axion Polymers, we have made it easier for users to see materials availability quickly and clearly, and with the environmental background story included for customers who are interested.”

He added: “For example, we believe Axpoly PP 51, a new high performance grade of black polypropylene (PP) recovered from automotive post-consumer waste, presents a great opportunity for manufacturers to tap into a stream of truly sustainable materials.

“Creating new manufactured products using materials resources that are ‘mined’ from closed-loop recycling routes provide a complete ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach for vehicle producers that is both sustainable in the long term and also lower cost.”

As well as automotive applications, Axpoly PP51 has potential uses in the utility, construction and wider manufacturing industries.

Axion Polymers is part of the Axion Group that develops and operates innovative resource recovery and processing solutions for recycling waste materials. The Group works with a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries on the practical development of new processing and collection methods.
For more information, contact Axion Polymers on 0161 426 7731 or visit the website – www.axionpolymers.com.