Brands & retailers: maximising your e-commerce relationship

Brands and retailers: what’s your current relationship status?

As a branded manufacturer, do you sometimes feel like you’re adrift in the rising tide of e-commerce — unsure of which direction to turn?

Retailers have adapted to e-commerce at this point, and most sell their products online.

But for brands, it’s different. Each brand has unique needs and circumstances that dictate whether they should sell directly to consumers.

Long story short: the transition to e-commerce for brands has been complicated.

In this white paper, we’ll break down what we’ve learned and help you understand:

  • The right questions to ask yourself about your brand
  • Why brands go direct to consumers
  • The risk of selling direct to consumers
  • Ways to create a blended strategy between a traditional and a direct-to-consumer distribution model
  • How creating a joint proposition between brands and retailers can help mitigate channel conflict