Müller Dairy (UK) Ltd.: Leader in the UK yogurt market

Müller Dairy UK Ltd Leader in the UK yogurt market report cover

Müller was established in Bavaria, Germany in 1896 by Ludwig Müller. The company was initially small, operating as a village dairy. The company began to expand throughout the 1970s. In 1988, Müller entered the UK market with Müller Corner.

Following the success of this, the company went on to introduce a range of products to the market including Müller Rice, Müllerlight, and Müller Vitality.

Your key questions answered

  • How has the UK yogurt market been performing in recent years? What have been the main growth drivers?
  • How has Müller grown in the UK market?
  • Who are the company’s main competitors?
  • What strategies does the company use to maintain/grow market share?