The Manufacturer Collaboratory is open for business

New service is unleashing the expertise in our network to help UK manufacturers deal with their greatest challenges and make the most of opportunities in uncertain times.

The Manufacturer CollaboratoryThese are interesting times for UK manufacturing, rich with opportunities from new markets and technologies but also beset with risks. Manufacturing challenges cut across technical, financial, people and other factors.

To thrive or even just to survive means boosting innovation, productivity and competitiveness, and doing all that sustainably to keep the business on an even keel.

The Manufacturer Collaboratory is a new invitation-only membership service for decision-makers, provided by Hennik Edge, the consultancy division of The Manufacturer family.

Our services are free to UK manufacturers and buyers of manufactured goods and services. We are very familiar with markets and best practice in all aspects of manufacturing.

That allows us to be informed by but independent of solution providers, who contribute to the development and operating costs of The Manufacturer Collaboratory.

We’re leveraging the world-class expertise in our network to get to the right solutions that recognise the breadth of requirements in a modern manufacturing business and make sense of the sometimes bewildering range of market opportunities, technologies and business improvement methods.

Hennik Edge has teamed up with ProFinda, the leading talent-matching online platform, to engage manufacturers, buyers and solution providers in dealing with manufacturing challenges. Our system ensures that manufacturers and buyers can engage with each other securely online.

Hennik Edge’s Independent Advisors are experts in working alongside leaders with impartial advice on what works. We are on hand to help members to define what matters to them, find out what has worked for others, and move quickly towards robust Action Plans that point the way forward.

If you are a UK manufacturer or buyers of manufactured goods and services then come and try our free service. If you are a solution provider with great technologies or services to offer then we would love to hear from you.

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Click here for more information, or phone 0207 401 6033 and ask for Steven Barr, head of The Manufacturer Collaboratory.