Being your own boss – and a bicycle fanatic

The British bicycle industry has been steering its way to success over the last two years, a rare example of a sector bucking the economic downturn.

According to a recent report by Allegra Strategies, the consumer value of the UK market for bicycles will pass the £3bn mark by 2015, driven by the brigade of over 30s spending big on bicycles rather than sports cars.

Ricky Feather, a 20-something from Rotherham, Yorkshire, is cashing in on this after starting a specialist bike-making business.

Having previously worked in factories, he completed an apprenticeship in welding before realising that he could use his skills to do something he loved… building bicycles.

Watch the young founder of Feather Bicycles at work in this video, a glowing example of a young person succeeding in industry at a time when it struggles to attract skills.