How can manufacturers find out if they are sitting on untapped assets?

Wyelands Bank’s Jim Higginbotham explains how their research shows the UK’s mid-sized manufacturers are sitting on £250bn of working capital assets. These untapped assets could be used to raise new finance.

Could your business be sitting on untapped assets?

Wyelands Bank has been set up to help firms trade, grow and create jobs.  Its analysis of mid-market manufacturing firms shows that the average business may have more than £10m tied up in working capital or other assets which could potentially be used to raise finance.

This free report:

  • Shows how the UK’s “Brittelstand” manufacturers, turning over between £10 and £300m, have more than £250bn of working capital assets between them which could be used to raise finance.
  • Compares firms in different stages of the industrial supply chain to see how their profiles differ. Many have 25% of their turnover tied up in unpaid invoices and stock alone
  • Utilising these working capital assets can help provide the finance that businesses need to fulfil new orders and grow. There are often simple ways to fund growth without having to give up equity
  • How Wyelands Bank get to know customers, so it can flexibility tailor the right solutions for their business

Download the free report here.