How can manufacturers seize innovation opportunities ahead of their competitors?

Manufacturers are showing a greater interest in mobile app development, driven by their desire for speed to market, greater agility, and heightened customer relationships.

However, you won’t often find ‘app building’ on the list of core competencies of most industrial businesses.

Enter low-code.

OutSystems is one of the world’s leading low-code development platforms as recognised by Gartner several years running.

In this video OutSystems,’ Tim Wilderspin explains how low-code is helping increasing numbers of manufacturers to stay one step ahead of the competition and truly innovate through digital technologies.

The State of Application Development, 2018

The State of Application Development, 2018 - OutSystemsAccording to OutSystems’ research, manufacturing businesses face numerous challenges that slow or delay digital innovation.

If your IoT, digital manufacturing, or other transformation efforts seem to be stuck in lengthening IT queues, you are not alone:

57% of manufacturing businesses have application development backlogs, and only 38% say they’re improving.

Want to find out more about how manufacturers are performing on a wide number of app dev performance measures?

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