Can the US Navy’s elite Top Gun fighter squadron help transform UK manufacturing?

Brian Brurud served his country as one of the US Navy’s top fighter pilots during several conflicts, including the Gulf War of 1990.

He flew 99 combat missions, survived 17 Surface-to-Air missile attacks, and one emergency ejection. He was not only an individual fighter ace, but a tough and determined leader.

He redesigned US Naval air strategy for the 21st century before going on to found his own gas processing facility in Oklahoma.

After he retired in 2007, ‘Bru’ founded Check-6, a performance leadership company comprised exclusively of carrier fighter pilots and Special Operations operatives.

The company’s goal is to help manufacturers understand the exponential benefits that can be achieved in productivity through their high performance training programmes.

He caught up with Nick Peters at The Manufacturer Studio, on the floor of Smart Factory Expo 2019 in Liverpool, UK.