Implementing a single global digital portal for B2B customers

In this video, Randy Carey, director of IT  for global material handling manufacturer, Manitou Group, discusses how his company implemented a single digital platform for B2B customers to configure and place orders.

Many companies suffer complex processes throughout their operation. While many manufacturers are often focused on streamlining the production, purchasing and logistics, elements, many manufacturing firms also struggle with efficient sales, pricing and ordering systems.

Manitou was no different. “We had many systems and within those systems, a lot of manual processes and a lot of complexity,” Randy says in the video.

As a result of their complex order processing, the company moved from a system involving multiple purchasing platforms, or toolboxes, and multiple customer IDs, to a single online location with one ID and one password.

Within that single toolbox, Manitou implemented PROS CPQ (configure, price, quote), which Randy describes as “invaluable” for the company.

“There was a period of time that we were getting orders in that could not be built because they were mis-configured,” says Randy. “We had customers using paper to write down the configuration of their equipment. Today they go online and they cannot make a mistake because it is all rules driven. It also immediately gives them the cost for that product. It allow allows us to up-sell or cross-sell and suggest attachments or additional products that they may want to look at.”

To hear more about the Manitou experience, watch the video below.

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