IoT is evolving from ‘science project’ to mainstream adoption

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), many manufacturers have progressed from proof of concept and ‘science projects’ to begin mapping out full-scale implementation.

As such, manufacturers are increasingly challenging technology providers to move away from charging them for an implementation in a traditional way to start offering IoT solutions as a service.

Chief Technologist, Steve Fearn, explains how HPE are rising up to the challenge, and offers advice on how to break down internal business silos in a secure, sustainable way.

From smart manufacturing, to smart factory – to smart enterprise!

Robotics Automation Factory Automotive Production Line Robots - Stock Image

HIROTEC Group, one of the largest private production companies in today’s global automotive market, wanted to leverage digital innovations to tackle a perennial challenge: unplanned downtime.

By pairing an IoT platform from HPE-partner PTC with HPE Edgeline systems, HIROTEC boosted its already formidable operations technology capabilities with cutting-edge predictive analytics.

The solution enables HIROTEC to:

  • gain real-time visibility into its business operations, which in turn allows the company to address issues that impact its efficiency and throughput
  • utilise machine learning functionality, which it will leverage to predict – and therefore prevent – failures in critical systems like robotic arms in its exhaust system testing line
  • perform sophisticated analysis of historical data so that it can better understand production facility performance and ways to drive improvements

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