The IoT Show Ep 2: IoT Platforms

The IoT Show - Episode 2













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The IoT Show delivers valuable insights for industrial organisations on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and topics touching the broader Internet of Things (IoT).

We pick engaging, hot topics, and ask our speakers to advise on situations, opportunities, recommendations and gotchas.

This series is not a sales medium, rather a series of discussions for you to benefit from the experiences and insights of others.

In this – the second episode – we explore some of the underpinnings of IIoT and IoT.

Hosted By: Allan Behrens – managing director and principal analyst, Taxal

Expert guest speakers: 

  • Diego Tamburini, principal industry lead  – Azure for Manufacturing, Microsoft
  • Dr Josef Waltl, global segment lead – industrial software, Amazon Web Services
  • Bill Boswell, VP of marketing – cloud applications solutions, Mindsphere, Siemens

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