Lawtronic Ltd: a decade on from selecting 123insight

In 2001, Norfolk-based Lawtronic Ltd were relying on its Sage accounting software to control stock.

However, as the business was evolving from being a one-off manufacturer to repetitive runs, MRP became a necessity.

Managing Director, Dave Tester had previous MRP experience and – after evaluating the market – selected 123insight.

The company went live in just over a month, with a case study being written in 2009.

This case study, a part of 123insight’s ’10 Years On’ series, explores the long-term benefits that Lawtronic has seen over the years, how its business has diversified, and how 123insight has met its ever-changing needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Close relationship between Lawtronic and 123 Insight Ltd
  • Special Interest Groups deliver beneficial functionality for all customers
  • 123insight helped Lawtronic deal with a changing supply chain culture
  • CRM+ assisted with quality accreditation
  • 123insight helped Lawtronic deal with a double-dip recession
  • Lawtronic has since discovered many of their customers and suppliers using 123insight