Why should manufacturers move to the cloud

Manufacturers make large, strategic investments in people, equipment, facilities, and technology infrastructures so they can design, make, and distribute competitive products that meet customer needs. They rely on these investments to create value in a profitable manner and enable them to grow the business. That requires them to make the right decisions in planning and executing their strategy and approaching markets.

Those decisions, in turn, need to be reliably based on real world evidence. In a manufacturing business, there is no lack of data related to engineering, products, materials, equipment, customers, the supply chain, and other areas of the operation. How do you make sense of it without investing in data processing and analytical technologies? In the cloud, manufacturers can take advantage of the most powerful analytical tools available today. The cloud also supports their growth without the profit erosion that happens when you augment IT teams and infrastructures.

As leading manufacturers are undergoing transformation into digital businesses and others are preparing transformation initiatives to become more relevant and competitive, the cloud is the single most important enabling element. For more information visit our website at www.columbusglobal.com