Supporting and promoting manufacturing within the UK

Inenco understand that manufacturers in the UK are currently under a lot of pressure from their supply chain to demonstrate how they are limiting your impact on the environment.

Inenco’s focus is on supporting and promoting manufacturing within the UK.

They do this by helping their manufacturing clients to:

  • understand and control costs,
  • optimise performance,
  • reduce environmental impact,
  • and remain focused on their key business priorities.

Sustainability Transformation: A Guide to Success

Sustainability Transformation - A Guide to Success - Inenco Jan 2020 White Paper Front CoverAre you ready to tackle environmental sustainability within your organisation?

Unsure how to begin? Looking for an expert parent to help guide your progress?

Over the past 50 years, Inenco has advised some of the most prominent names in British industry on how to optimise businesses processes while decreasing costs as well as their carbon footprints.

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