Todd Cummings of Synergis Software discusses PDM and PLM

At SOLIDWORKS World 2016, in Dallas, The Manufacturer caught up with Todd Cummings, VP Research and Development at PLM/PDM software company, Synergis Software.

The Synergis Adept software package features full CAD integration and viewing support for Solidworks and the company has also announced an integration with the pre-release version of Dassault Systems’ DraftSight 2016.

Companies in process and discrete manufacturing; and utilities, engineering and construction make up the largest sectors serviced by Synergis. However, there are also companies in government, aerospace and defense, medical devices and pharmaceuticals that use the Adept product.

In this video, Todd explains a little more about the Synergis Software PDM solution, Adept.

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Listen below to more of what Todd had to say about the Synergis Software Adept PDM platform and also what he perceives as the difference between PDM and PLM.

A Synergis user case study

Sussex Wire, a designer and manufacturer of custom cold-formed component parts in mini- and micro-geometries, has implemented the Synergis Adept solution to enhance all its product design and manufacturing processes.

Sussex Wire currently uses Adept at its global headquarters inEaston, Pennsylvania.  At a point in time when the company chooses to acquire complementary manufacturing technology companies and associated locations, it plans to grow the solution to accommodate a distributed, multi-CAD environment. Explains Tim Kardish, President, “Adept is just the right size for us now. . . and will easily scale up for future growth. As we bring on other companies, we can import their drawings, their files, and their models, and link them into a single, unified document management solution—whether they are using SolidWorks or another CAD package.”

As a first step, Adept helped the company make dramatic strides in searching for parts and related files. Madan Mathevan, Director of Engineering, said: “All of our drawings and documents were all over the place. It was a nightmare to find anything quickly. We took almost thirty minutes to search for one document by going through different computers. Now, with Adept, all the information that is shared between engineering, manufacturing, and quality control gets documented through Adept and is easily searchable.”

Because of Adept’s document control, search, and audit capabilities, Sussex Wire is far closer to reaching its goals of faster time-to-market and traceability for its customers. “If a customer comes to us and asks, ‘Can you give us the history behind everything that happened on this particular product?’, we can quickly show them all of the audit trails that happened on that particular product as well as all of the documents engineering-wise, manufacturing-wise, quality, and tooling.”