Top three questions to ask about your legacy equipment & IoT solutions

Here are the questions to ask – and what to expect – when exploring how to integrate your legacy assets with IoT solutions.

Watch this short video to learn the questions that manufacturers like you are asking about merging legacy and modern technology in today’s complex industrial ecosystem.

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Colfax IoT Case Study - image courtesy of PTC. Colfax is a leading, diversified industrial technology company that provides products and services to organisations across a wide range of industries through two business platforms: Howden, a manufacturer of precision air and gas handling equipment, and ESAB, a producer of welding and cutting equipment and consumables.

Building upon more than 100 years of manufacturing expertise, Colfax recognises the need to continually evolve its businesses to stay relevant and achieve results in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

To do so, the company has embarked on the path of digital transformation with a focus on IoT. However, when digitally-enabling its various product lines, Colfax experienced many of the typical roadblocks that impede transformation efforts, limiting both scope and impact.

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