Transform your field sales with FAST by Acumen Solutions

You know your distributors, agents, sales people and your suppliers but how well do you actually know your customers?

Major trends are disrupting the manufacturing and automotive industries and traditional manufacturers are finding themselves exploring new strategies for a successful B2B2C business model. Equipping your channels with technology, such as a field sales app, grants the manufacturer transparency and visibility into channel-customer interactions.

The Manufacturer has partnered with Acumen Solutions and Salesforce to present a 45 minute webinar titled: ‘Using Your Channels to Connect with Your End Customers’. If your company wants to get to know its customers better and gain more direct feedback from your product end users, then this is a must attend event. The webinar is taking place on Tuesday, 11 October 2016 at 1.30pm. Click here to register.

For field sales teams, wasted time is revenue lost. More time selling positively affects profits; however, there are countless sales tasks that consume time without direct impact on revenue. Transportation between prospect locations, endless data entry and product research, as well as repeat customer interactions to secure a signature all absorb valuable time.

Field Assistance for Sales Teams (FAST) by Acumen Solutions empowers each of your field sales reps with a mobile command center. FAST by Acumen Solutions is a truly mobile solution. Scalable and secure, this application creates a seamless user experience that enables field sales teams to geo-target, configure price-quotes, accept customer e-signatures, and submit order on the go.

FAST is proven to:

  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Boost sales rep productivity
  • Gather management insights faster
  • Reduce administrative time loss
  • Increase sales process visibility