Building smart manufacturing eco-systems for the Intelligent Enterprise

Smart manufacturing is the gateway to digital transformation. This new direction is highly connected so that devices and processes are monitored and optimised.

Learn how organisations are building smart manufacturing eco-systems and making the Intelligent Enterprise a reality today.

Watch this on-demand webinar from Rockwell Automation & Stratus Technologies, and hosted by Nick Peters, Editorial Director of The Manufacturer.

Steve Britton, Services Business Leader for Rockwell Automation, discusses How to create Smart Manufacturing‘:

  • The call of Industry 4.0
  • The role of data and data management
  • Building for the future

Greg Hookings, Principal Consultant for Industry 4.0 at Stratus Technologies, discusses ‘Infrastructure for Smart Manufacturing‘:

  • Benefits of computing at the edge or mixed edge, fog & cloud
  • Data integrity & analytics: when is fault-tolerance required
  • Understanding OT skills / remote use cases

You’ll also hear a real-world customer case study, detailing their challenges, the solution and the impressive results.

If you would like any further information regarding this topic, please feel free to email Catherine Roberts of Stratus – [email protected].