Connected Value Chain: Innovate faster in a customer-driven world

The landscape for the manufacturing sector is changing quickly. Customers expect personalised offers with 37% manufacturers stating that they are now mandated to deliver a more unique fulfilment. The basket of digital technologies (not just cloud but AI, blockchain, IoT etc.) is evolving rapidly with unprecedented promises on delivering both superior customer experience and efficiency levels.

While globalisation is not new, the global competition is increasing as certain countries embrace digital technologies, often incentivised by their governments. The disruptors are arriving in the manufacturing sector too e.g. Carbon 3D, which sells its products as a service.

In this webcast, we will discuss how to:

  • View the whole value chain as a single experience, with the customer at the centre
  • Connect all the elements through a digital thread
  • Apply analytics and AI to make connected value chain smarter
  • Leverage IoT to get connected to machines and devices
  • Utilise the cloud to get started and rapidly achieve value