Digital Marketing Bootcamp for Manufacturers

80% of manufacturers will invest in marketing over the next 12 months…

But will they fall victim to the same marketing pitfalls we see all too often in manufacturing?

Every business wants to succeed with their digital marketing but there’s no magic bullet. We’ve seen the unwary make mistakes time and time again over the last 20+ years:

⛔  Mistakes that mean your marketing isn’t achieving what you need it to achieve
⛔  Mistakes that cost you money – and lots of it

We want to tell you what those mistakes are… and how to avoid them.

This workshop is for ambitious manufacturing businesses that want to drive sales through marketing.

Perhaps you’re not seeing the ROI you’d expect. Maybe your marketing stats look great but aren’t driving results. Or maybe you’re keen to try new ways of marketing and want to avoid making expensive errors.

If this resonates with you and is relevant for your business, then this is the ideal workshop for you. Plus… It’s FREE.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

✅  How to spot if you’re driving poor quality traffic to your site
✅  How NOT to waste money on Google Ads
✅  The cost of poor website user journeys
✅  Tips on why your Google Analytics implementation is failing
✅  Information on what a real SEO strategy looks like

Webinar Speakers:

JoS (002)
Josef Siewruk
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Intergage Marketing Engineers

Josef consults on, devises, and executes multi-channel digital marketing strategies for manufacturing and engineering firms. He first started with Intergage in 2004 and is our HubSpot lead.


Profile pic (1)Tom St John
 Editor, The Manufacturer

Tom has recently joined Hennik as the new Multimedia Editor. His recent professional background has been in broadcast journalism; in tv and radio. He is currently overseeing all of our podcast and video content and is thoroughly enjoying getting to know the amazing people within manufacturing. He has also recently taken over our wonderful Manufacturer Community. Tom is very much looking forward to immersing himself in all aspects of the industry.