Industrial IoT in Manufacturing – The Next Big Digital Disruption

Everything in manufacturing is being transformed by digitalisation.

According to recent research, less than 5% of all generated data from manufacturing plants is analysed for insights.

Common issues faced by manufacturers are often underpinned by the reliability of machinery and processes. However, due to a lack of analysis and perceived prohibitive costs, many manufacturers fail to adequately tackle problem areas such as quality or speed of delivery.

This webinar will focus on the following areas of Industrial IoT and how they can assist manufacturers to make process and product improvements:
– Real life examples of IoT-enabled technology implementation
– New business models created by digitalisation
– How to develop a flexible manufacturing plant
– Integrating better data analytics
– Technology enablers that we will discuss:
– Cloud Computing and analytics
– Edge Computing and analytics
– Machine Learning and Deep Learning
– APIs (application programming interface)