Industry 4.0 – Manufacturer strategies for managing Intellectual Assets

KTN and Innovate UK family joined up with The Manufacturer to support Digital Manufacturing Week Smart Factory Expo Innovation Alley.

A webinar hosted by The Manufacturer supporting companies participating in SMART Factory Expo 2018, Digital Manufacturing Week 14th-15th November to support them to be show ready.

Knowledge, creativity and digital technologies and assets will offer a transformative opportunity for industry often referred to as a “4th industrial revolution”.

So, with the future reliant on assets and capabilities you can’t touch – how can manufacturers make sure they can sustain the competitive advantage they create?

How should manufacturers actively deal with knowledge and other intellectual assets to make sure they harness the new reality within manufacturing?

Webinar presented by Philippa Glover, Knowledge Transfer Manager Manufacturing, Knowledge Transfer Network and Ian Sterritt, North West Policy Officer, The Intellectual Property Office.