Migrate Your Legacy Systems and Start Innovating with Low-Code

Migrate Your Legacy Systems and Start Innovating with Low-Code

For those in the manufacturing sector, digital transformation is driven by the desire to harness Big Data, IoT and AI to deliver greater agility, flexibility and responsiveness.

But manufacturers are struggling to map ambition to reality: constrained by legacy gridlock, 57% of manufacturing businesses have application development backlogs – and only 38% say things are improving. 

This webinar will:

  • Highlight the four barriers to digital transformation;
  • Describe the six signs your organisation is ripe for a revamp; and
  • Explain why rebuilding legacy apps is a better alternative to replacing or rearchitecting them.

For those unfamiliar with this area, we’ll explore the myths and realities of Low-Code and Legacy Modernisation; and provide a checklist for the capabilities your chosen Low-Code platform should provide.

We’ll also take a deep-dive into how one manufacturer has used Outsystems’ Low-Code platform to increase efficiency by 25% and implement innovations in weeks rather than months.

Join us and find out how Low-Code can drive digital innovation in your organisation.

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