Overcoming obstacles to B2C transformation

Consumer goods manufacturers are increasingly responsive to the need for direct connection with their end customers. By transforming their journey to market, industry leaders are able to own the relationship with their end customers.

Previously, existing manufacturers have had limited ability to join the direct-to-consumer transformation without massive upfront investment. They struggled to hire in ecommerce teams or upskill their own workforce to meet the ever-increasing sophistication of modern retail. They had a limited understanding of the geographical and per-channel demand for their products, which prevented them from making informed go-to-market plans.

They had limited retail knowledge and expertise, resulting in lacklustre performance on B2C channels. On the other hand, many brands are aware that their image and brand equity is damaged by poor representation online, and most understand the potential revenue uplift offered by direct sales. Opportunities are emerging from these challenges and incentives. New technology can enable willing businesses to overcome the obstacles they’ve run into previously.

In this webinar, we’ll describe how one business achieves a margin double that of their wholesale channels by selling directly to their consumer with the help of Volo. Find out more at: https://www.volocommerce.com/