Is servitisation the future of manufacturing?

Many industries are facing significant challenges due to fast-paced technological development coupled with growing customer expectations and ever-increasing competition. Manufacturers are looking for ways to create more value for their customers while diversifying income streams.

Investing in modern systems and machines is a costly endeavour that comes with many financial risks. Servitisation offers a holistic approach to overcome the challenges of Industry 4.0 and enhance manufacturers’ competitive advantage. It can be the silver bullet to enable enterprises of all sizes to prepare for the oncoming digital future.

What are the benefits for manufacturers?

  • Lower costs for the entire life-cycle of machinery
  • No upfront investments
  • Better management of financial risks
  • Efficient production and an increase in quality

This webinar addresses the concept of servitisation and its benefits – higher revenue, reduced business risks, and improved customer relationships. Our guest speaker Jim Davison, Region Director and Community Director at Make UK, is presenting an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing the UK market.

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