Six factors for a successful cloud adoption

Manufacturers realise that they need to make changes. The previous methods or approaches that enabled your business to survive or grow are becoming obsolete in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, let alone tomorrow’s, and a decision to stick with them will likely inhibit future growth.

But recognising the need for change is not the same as successfully implementing it. Many businesses have started to move towards cloud adoption, for example, but the returns are failing way short of their expectations.

A principle reason for this is immature cloud adoption strategies, a result of businesses getting excited about the opportunities and not spending enough time on the planning / pre-implementation stage.

This on-demand webcast addresses that challenge head-on and provides the guidance you need to ensure your business doesn’t fall at the first hurdle.

Watch the webcast to hear The Manufacturer’s Editorial Director Nick Peters, and Paul Norton from cloud specialist Rackspace, clearly and simply define the six factors that contribute to a successful cloud adoption, as well as some valuable tips on sustaining momentum over the long-term.

If you would like any further information regarding this topic, please feel free to email Shelley Wright of Rackspace – [email protected]

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