The State of Rogue Spending in Manufacturing 2023

Who should attend?

This webinar is for manufacturers, managers and stakeholders who are passionate about agility and transparency across the supply chain and procurement.

What is the webinar about?

For manufacturers, barriers to acquiring supplies can significantly impact operations, potentially resulting in delayed output in the worst circumstances. To overcome these obstacles, individuals sometimes bypass standard purchasing processes and procedures; a phenomenon that is known as “rogue spending”.

Rogue spending, also referred to as tailor maverick spending – sometimes even dark purchasing – occurs in many businesses. It relates to unmanaged, uncontracted, and non-compliant expenditure that occurs outside of procurement mandates, contracts, or policies.

When unauthorized or off-policy expenditures occur, they evade the scrutiny of established tracking and reporting systems. Such activity clouds the organization’s true spending habits, casting a shadow over an organization’s financial transparency.

Without full visibility, decision-makers struggle to discern patterns, identify inefficiencies and/or allocate resources effectively. The result is a fog of financial uncertainty, hindering strategic planning, budget adherence and risk management.

But how big a problem is rogue spending among manufacturers? And how can organizations regain clarity and foster an environment of agility and transparency across suppliers and procurement?


  • The biggest rogue spending culprits
  • Why and when rogue spending occurs
  • How rogue spend is costing most manufacturers up to £10,000 a year
  • The positive impact digitalisation is having in this area
  • How automation brings greater visibility and agility to source-to-pay operations to better manage rogue spend

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Cesim Demir

Outbound Product Management, Manufacturing Solutions, ServiceNow

Cesim Demir leads Manufacturing Product Management in Europe at ServiceNow. Dr. Demir previously served as CTO Manufacturing Industry at Huawei Western Europe Enterprise Business Group. He has an Electrical Engineering background and has over 15 years held several technical and managerial positions in R&D and IT at Daimler in Germany, India and China.



Dean Ocampo

Director Product Marketing ERP Workflows, ServiceNow

Dean Ocampo is Director of Product Marketing for Finance and & Supply Chain at ServiceNow. Prior to ServiceNow, Dean was Director of Product Marketing for Aera Technology and Director of Product Marketing and Solutions Strategy Marketing for Elementum. Dean is an advocate for aligning customer objectives with solutions, implementation, and behavioral strategy across supply chain organizations. He’s worked with various F100 companies in Pharma, Electronics, Automotive, CPG, and Industrial markets to help institute a culture of empowerment alongside transformative supply chain technologies.


Tom St John

Multimedia Editor, The Manufacturer

Tom is the Multimedia Editor at The Manufacturer (part of Nineteen Group). His professional background is in broadcast journalism; in tv and radio. As well as writing for The Manufacturer Magazine, he leads on all our video content and is a presenter on The Manufacturer Podcast. Tom has thoroughly enjoyed immersing himself in the stories that our manufacturing and vendor communities have to tell, and views sessions like these as a valuable extension of that. 


James Devonshire

James Devonshire

International Features Writer, The Manufacturer

James has been a part of The Manufacturer editorial team since May 2020. Having studied Business Information Systems at university and subsequently enjoying a successful career in IT Service Delivery, James has a penchant for writing about how technology is enabling the manufacturing sector to realise its full potential.


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