What’s stopping your IT teams from becoming enablers of significant business improvements?

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Intensifying global competition, ever-more demanding customers and the digitalisation of manufacturing demand that businesses develop an increasingly agile and responsive organisational culture.

However, this is almost impossible to achieve while shackled to ageing facilities, hardware and software – a situation many manufacturers find themselves in today.

If an IT team’s core focus is on resolving technical debt through constant upgrades and patches, then they aren’t driving positive change through innovation and forward-thinking strategies.

In the past, that may not have been a business-critical issue, but in today’s ultra-competitive landscape it could mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

Watch this on-demand webcast to hear The Manufacturer’s Editorial Director Nick Peters, and Dave Hills from cloud infrastructure specialist Rackspace discuss how to overcome the hurdles and obstacles that are getting in the way of IT powering your business forward.

The discussion covered:

1. The key barriers stopping IT teams from innovating
2. How to adopt an adaptive, digitally-driven culture that is more agile and open to embracing change
3. How to foster a positive mindset and environment where it’s okay to fail and try new things
4. The additional value and new revenue streams IT can bring to an organisation

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