100 jobs go as Syfer Technology sends work to China

Posted on 13 Nov 2012

Norwich-based electronics manufacturer Syfer Technology has slashed 100 manufacturing jobs as it relocates production to China.

The company’s electronic equipment for defence will stay in the UK for security reasons but its work for other industries will be outsourced to China and Taiwan despite the company’s latest results showing over £5m of profit.

Ivan Crane, regional officer at the union Unite, said that the move was a “kick in the teeth.”

“Syfer is a profitable company we can not see any reason why it needs to relocate this work,” he added.

Research will remain with the company in the UK but Syfer Technology cited proximity to markets and suppliers in the Asia as the reason behind the move.

US manufacturer Dover Corporation acquired the company in 2000 and much of its profits now come from exports, particularly in the Asia.

Howard Ingleson, Syfer’s managing director, noted that the move made commercial sense as “most of our raw materials come from that area of the world and our sales are going that way too.”