£140k funding boost for iAero Centre to pioneer ‘Factory of the Future’

Posted on 3 Jan 2024 by The Manufacturer

The Heart of the South West LEP has announced £144,500 to support high-value engineering Factory of the Future digitisation for SMEs.

The funding will allow the iAero Centre at Yeovil to install an Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) Factory+ Demonstrator and equipment, to create a dedicated digital data demonstration space. The project will focus on harnessing the power of data to drive innovation and collaboration in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors.

iFACTORe will allow companies in the industry to collect and analyse vast amounts of data, with the potential to enhance efficiency and productivity whilst also fostering innovation and competitiveness.

Karl Tucker, Chair of the Heart of the South West LEP, said: “This sector is vital to the region’s growth, so funding for projects like these is pivotal. iFACTORe at the iAero Centre signifies the importance of the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industry in the region.”

The region is set to become a leading example of how data can be effectively utilised in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors in a new era of technological advancement and economic growth.

Austin Chick, Head of iAero Centre said: “This funding offers complimentary capabilities at iAero that will benefit SMEs within the aerospace and high value manufacturing sector looking to collaborate on new projects, technologies and skills.”

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