£3m sales boost for Nottinghamshire’s A1 Flue Systems

Posted on 7 Apr 2014 by Callum Bentley

Developing a new marketing strategy and successfully setting up two new subsidiaries is helping a Nottinghamshire manufacturer embark on a period of sustained growth.

A1 Flue Systems, which designs, manufactures and installs commercial and industrial chimney flues and extraction systems, completed 5000 bespoke projects in 2013, boosting sales from £11m to £12.8m and creating six jobs in the process.

The company’s ability to provide CE marking for complete systems and not just individual parts is in high demand and has already led to orders with Briggs & Forrester, Skanska and Vital Energy.

Now the management team has diversified its activities to launch two new subsidiaries in Stove Flue Systems (SFS) and Commercial Flue Cleaning and Maintenance (CFCM) – the latter had already picked up over £50,000 in orders before its official launch.

Aided by the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), the Newark-based company is implementing a series of measures that will help it manage this growth both in the UK and overseas.

A1 Flue (Action L)

The Manufacturing Advisory Service has been working with A1 Flue Systems for a number of years, providing on-going mentoring and 50% funding towards the marketing strategy support.

It has also provided access to specialist expertise on Intellectual Property (IP) protection for the company’s new range of products.

Phil Houlton, MAS advisor, explained: “The management team at A1 Flue Systems has benefited enormously from a focused and more dynamic approach to marketing and we are pleased to have played an instrumental role in that.

“Furthermore, they have been truly entrepreneurial in their diversification plans, developing new businesses that offer natural synergies and meet a market need.”

He concluded: “By making the best use of what they had, they have created new opportunities for themselves at minimum cost – an example others could follow.”

With additional offices in Scotland and Ireland, A1 Flue Systems is ready to expand its customer base globally and is currently in talks to supply a number of new clients in the United Arab Emirates.